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SMS Blasting

BPO Next provides our clients with cost effective SMS text messaging solutions which produce measurable results. Through the creative use of mobile messaging, enhancements can be made in sales acquisition, brand recognition and customer loyalty by generating timely, relevant and targeted mobile content to users.

BPO Next provides bulk SMS marketing solutions aimed at eliminating marketing cost wastage and increasing communication.

This is Low cost and highly personalized communication medium. And the strength is our databases. We provide cuts based on region, geography, gender- Male/female, service provider, Hi-Income group, Age, pre paid or post paid and many other cuts based on your requirements.

Now you can:

Increase awareness of upcoming events within seconds
Communicate about new products, product launches & services
Schedule when your TG will be notified about what's happening
Allow your TG to reply to your SMS message to create relationships
An easy, no-maintenance way to signup your TG; Gone are the days of the clipboard and pen to signup new members
Personalize your communication with messages which individualize your interaction

eMail Blasting

It's a fairly self-explanatory term - when you send out an email blast, you're sending a large number of letters at the same time, like a strong burst or an explosion. It should therefore come as no surprise that email blasting can be a very powerful marketing tool, when used correctly. With BPO Next, you can send out email blasts in the way that you want.

An email blast can be the ideal way of reaching your business customers or organization members. Email blasting can be used to send out information about the company, special offers, product upgrades and so on. But it doesn't have to stop there. Something that is often overlooked is the fact that email is ideal for building and maintaining good customer relationships - but only if they feel that you really value them and don't take up their time by sending unsolicited spam. Otherwise, your email blast is likely to end up in the trash as soon as it arrives.

You could dynamically generate and launch targeted, personalized e-mail marketing campaigns through us

You can have many consumers who were receiving, opening and responding to your e-mail marketing efforts
You need not be worried about having to buy software or equipment that becomes outdated or stays CAN SPAM compliant?
You can analyze the results of your email marketing campaigns in real-time, as opposed to waiting for someone else
Does your organization have a solution that can cost less than few paises per email? Guaranteed Low Cost

BPO Next can help!
Our e-mail marketing services help organizations of any size create, send and monitor e-mail campaigns to targeted customer segments. Our robust email marketing application is the customer retention and brand loyalty mechanism providing an incredible return on investment for our clients.

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