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The services we provide include onsite and offsite: Document Management Services, File Scanning, Imaging Services, Large-Format & Blueprint Scanning, Microfiche Conversion, Electronic File Conversion (to PDF, TIFF or 250 file formats), Multi-Engine Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and File Naming and Indexing Services.

Converting Information into Digital Assets

We provide document conversion services that enable our Clients to successfully unlock the true value of the information contained in their files. The benefits gained from our scanning services result in increased productivity, performance and profits. Our Clients realize tangible benefits that reduce their total document management expense while increasing profits by optimizing their business processes. In fact, our clients achieve a quick and measurable return-on-investment (ROI).

Utilizing our document conversion project methods and technology solutions, we can quickly Convert Information into Digital Assets for your employees to securely access and utilize. This significantly reduces operating costs and provides the returns sought in today's economy.

Successful document management requires a clear understanding of an organization's People, Process, and Technology Requirements to define the best possible Project Approach

Service and Solution Offerings

High Quality File Conversion
Full Text Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
File Naming & Coding
File Library Indexing
Electronic File Conversion
Cost Effective File Search & Retrieval Solutions
Document Management Application Integration

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