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Our business alliances also play a vital role in sales and marketing. We strive to build relationship that are based upon innovation and strategies that will help to guide our products and services to best suit the needs of our customers, both now and in the future.

We are proud to support several organizations that are key to the success of the customers we serve

We are dedicated to providing value to independent companies across multiple industries so they have the power to reach out the customer base of non conflicting and complimenting Industry. Through our market knowledge that serve your specific industry, we develop strategic alliance that offer tremendous opportunities for reaching out larger targeted audience and lower costs of acquisition.

Common requirements are leveraged in a win-win manner with best in class efforts to provide excellent value to participating brand. You get advantage in the market so you will have better reach to your TG over your largest competitors.

We strongly believe in cultivating close strategic collaborations with partners who are conducive to a real synergy scheme. We remain unswervingly focused on our vision as we aggressively pursue our mission: helping Brands to do successful business with customers of other brands.





Co-branding is the practice of using multiple brand names together on a single product or service. One brand can give a special offer to the base of another brand riding the communication vehicle such as mailer, bill, statement and their respective envelopes.

We work with leading telecom brands providing official and legal access to their loyalty bases. The Biggest advantage is COST as you don’t have to incur the cost of Postage/ courier, printing of envelopes and outsourcing the fulfillment to mailing company for insertion and mailing.

Most of the Direct Mails land up in dust bin without even being opened!, however Bill envelopes can’t be ignored, as it carries an Important and a MUST SEE document

Not just Branding also measure your ROI on the activity


Highly Cost effective
100% legal, live and authentic databases
100% assured delivery
Great excitement
Credible base from India’s leading National brands
Most cost-efficient and effective medium.


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